Happy Hamster™️ Printed Fluffy Tent

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The Happy Hamster™️ Printed Fluffy Tent Is the Perfect Cozy Soft Bed your hamster will just love.  This soft bed is made from high-quality fluff that your hamster will just love. It comes with a cute design that will brighten up any cage and give your hamster the coziness it needs. Whether they are napping or playing, this soft tent makes a wonderfully cozy nest for your furry friend to enjoy. This plush bed is perfect for your hamster, and it comes in multiple sizes so you can easily find the right one for your furry friend.


Key Benefits

  Plush Velvety Cotton Fleece Material

  Has four sizes and eight patterns to choose from.

  Sizes: S : 8cm x 8cm (3.15”x 3.15” Inches)

              M : 14cm x 12cm (5.50” x 4.70” Inches)

              L :  17cm x 15cm (6.7” x 5.9” Inches)

             XL:  22cm x 21cm (8.6” x 8.25” Inches

  Includes removable clips for optional hanging.

  Soft in the inside and outside.

  Removable hooks can also be used to keep the bed in place on the floor of the cage.


Please allow 13-20 Days for Delivery


Care Instructions:  Machine Washable and Air Dry




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